dimanche 26 avril 2009

Earth Week sur second life dimanche 26 Avril à Commonwealth islands & Greenpeace Event* welcome!

Signez la petition ! Earth Day Climate Change http://www.earthday.net/
Dimanche 26 Avril Sur Second life - Commonwealth Islands - a partir de 17 H (paris ) 8am- 6pm: 4 sims a decouvrir , le circuit commence avec une demonstration de chevaux ..self-guided tours of the 4 CW sims, beginning at the AKK Horse Corral (demonstration horses available).
􀀂Tour Stop: Pavilion One - Non profit org displays
􀀃Tour Stop: Pavilion Two - Earth Science
􀀄10am - 1pm Greenpeace celebration of past and present campaigns.
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Commonwealth%20Island/243/14/28 (Dove boat)

􀀅Rock The Dove ce dimanche :Fete de GreenPeace surle pont du Dove ,le bateau de GreenPeace sur SL
10am-1pm SL. You are invited to the Greenpeace party for Earth Week:
Sunday April 26, on the deck of The Dove,k, on the masts, on the reef, on the beach or on those dinky little rubber boats. Please treat the cetaceans with respect and dress appropriately, which means anything from captain to beachbabe as long as it complies with PG sim codes. There’ll be DJs and lots of friendly people. Tinies and furries are especially welcome. There will be facilities for octopae.
12pm - 2pm Open House: Visit with members of the Resident Organizations
􀀀2pm - 4pm Program: The End of Stuff - A Journey Thru Evolution, the Built Environment and Energy. Watts Larsson, NW Solar Center, Washington State University
􀀁Pick up your Earth Week HUD and goodies:
Hiya Friends and Earth Week Supporters... EARTH WEEK SL ... featuring ECO Common Launch... over 120 hours of events planned !Support the cause of Saving the Earth! Woot!
More Info At: secondlife://Four Bridges Project/112/117/26

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